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~plains of stone~
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An endless moonlit expanse

lies before the mountain in the distance

The past, present, and future

Wait patiently for the morning light

~land and spirit~
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A gentle yet fierce spirit

Dances under the northern lights

And hides in the hollow tree.

The dreams of many can be heard

As it moves gently through the

 golden fields

And waits for the high tide.


As the remnants of the earth

journey through the ages

they are caressed by the wind

and kissed by the sun ...


She beckons to the wind

With the promise of a silken embrace

She is best admired from afar though

For she is sharp and protective

Of the beauty in her keep

~sense of time~

As we move from moment to moment

We can find solace

In the intense stillness

Of our deepest desire

~the journey~

.... billions of unforgettable moments strung together creating a unique mosaic of a life ....the lows, the highs,

the beginnings, the endings, the anticipation of what may be...


This intangible journey, constantly shapes 

our thoughts and experiences ... a sculptor carving to reveal a true masterpiece... We become ...



The Earth’s mysteries

In all their crystalline perfection

Never fully reveal themselves

To those that seek their truth



Mined from the deep

Cast in fire

Cooled by air

Strengthened by water

Endlessly given and ever-changing


Like the blush on a pale cheek
The vivid landscape slowly resurfaces
Called forth by radiant light
To begin life anew


In the forest of stone

The hills are her canvas

In every corner can be found

The trace of the past

May your journey be blessed

As you walk into the unknown.

May your fortunes be favoured

As you make key decisions.

May love be your constant companion

And may you live a life that is charmed.

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